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Jolly Goods Candy Stop imports over 90% of its products.

Why buy from Jolly Goods?

  • Unique offerings
  • High Quality products with fewer additives
  • Most Candies have no Artificial Flavours
  • Most Candies have no Artificial Colours
  • Sugar is not the 1st ingredient
  • Chocolate doesn’t have wax and preservatives (North American chocolate does!)
  • Colours and Flavours in most products are from veggies and fruitS

Sometimes products are not available and must be ordered.  If that is required then the order could take up to several months to come in depending on availability of the product being ordered and shipping time.

Bulk Orders and Special orders must be phoned in so availability and pricing can be determined. 

Wholesale orders are available to business owners.  Proof of business ownership is required.  These orders must be phoned in so availabiltiy and pricing can be determined.